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We are Prgrm2ed Perception,

individually known as Ella and Lizzie.


Since December 2015, we have been curating, directing and producing pop-up exhibitions with the upcoming artists and musicians of today. Recognising our platform is a stage for opinions,  perspectives and voices, each event is dually focused on addressing a socially valued topic.


Through our visionary and auditory experiences, we aim to inspire and encourage continued conversations, beyond our events and into homes, schools and workplaces. In order to do so, we aspire to create that vibe, every time.


Come along to find out what we're on about...

Meet the Parents:

Lizzie Reid

Instagram: @Lizzies_lines

Website:     https://lizziereid.myportfolio.com


What's your thing?

Literal vs perceptual 

The way we use words

Social commentary and enterprise


What do you use?

Pen and paper

2D and 3D collection of stuff

My voice, hands, eyes and ears



Inside No. 9, Black Mirror, live NASA space feed



The Guilty Feminist, Stance, The Jealous Curator



D'Angelo, Beyonce, Amy Whinehouse



Little Black Book, School of Life,

Get Your Sh*t Together


BA Illustration and Visual Media, UAL

London College of Communication

Dissertation: Business and the Mind

Ella Barnard

Instagram: @Smelly_works



What's your thing?

"But what if"


The subconscious


What do you use?

Analog and digital collage

2D and 3D installation

Spray paint



Black Mirror, Jane the Virgin, Mr. Robot



Radio Lab, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Jealous Curator



Prince, Nadia Rose, Toni Braxton



1984, Little Black Book, Lord of the Flies


BA Fine Art, UAL Chelsea